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Our new publication: The Journal

25 Jun 2024

🎉 Announcing Neurodiversity in Law’s Launch of The Journal! 🎉

We are thrilled to unveil our latest venture, The Journal, your go-to source for neurodivergent voices in the legal profession and law schools across England and Wales! Whether you’re passionate about neurodiversity and equality, curious about accessibility and advocacy, or eager to stay ahead with the latest trends and debates in technology and law, The Journal has something for everyone.

Join us on this exciting journey as we bring you inspirational stories, insightful analysis, and fresh legal perspectives.

📬 We’re currently open to articles from our partners, champions, and members. If you’d be interested in contributing, please email us at for more information.

This is one of many announcements this week, so keep an eye out for more from us in the coming days!

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